Open House

Potentially Boise’s next urban renewal district, the Shoreline Study Area could solve public infrastructure deficiencies in the Lusk Street Neighborhood, revitalize the River Street neighborhood, enhance amenities and mobility along the Boise River, as well as assist in development of a mixed-use neighborhood center.

The proposed Shoreline District’s urban renewal plan would embody existing and approved community plans. CCDC will have the ability to help the neighborhood invest in public infrastructure, mobility, and economic development projects throughout the neighborhood.

Over the past few months, we asked community members to provide feedback on the proposed Shoreline Urban Renewal District including three in-person and two digital open houses. We appreciate everyone who collaborated in this effort and provided input to help us finalize a district framework. Now that the final open houses for the proposed district have passed, the process will move forward for continued consideration, including City Council public hearings in the fall. Find more details about upcoming events on the Process page.

The digital open house is now closed.